Thank You for Playing a Role in the Story of the Arts in Dallas

Our vision is to drive the imagination of Dallas, to power its economic and artistic growth, to celebrate its history and transform its future. Your support is vital for us to make that happen.

Annual Fund Donors

Donor Listings as of May 17, 2024


The Meadows Foundation – Maintenance
Neiman Marcus – Education
Donna Wilhelm Friendship Fund – Community Partners
McGee Foundation – Tessitura Database
Horchow Family Fund – Operations

Foundation and Institutional Support


The David M. Crowley Foundation
The Eugene McDermott Foundation
The Moody Foundation
Texas Commission On the Arts
Toyota Motor North America, Inc.



Communities Foundation of Texas
Dallas Tourism Public Improvement District Corporation
Downtown Dallas, Inc.
Fichtenbaum Charitable Trust



Sapphire Foundation

TACA, Inc.

Texas Travel Industry Recovery Program



Florence Foundation

PepsiCo Foundation Smiles in Action

Individual Support

* Indicates founding member


Anne and Robert Bass

Deedie Rose*


$25,000 – $49,999


Victor Almeida, Interceramic Inc.

Diane and Hal Brierley*

Barbara Thomas Lemmon*

Jill B. Louis

Sarah and Ross Perot, Jr.*

The Ted and Shannon Skokos Foundation*

Judith and Daniel Tobey


$15,000 – $24,999

Jennifer and Peter Altabef

Maggy and David Croxville

Hegi Family Foundation*

Margaret and Brad Hirsch

Helen K. and Robert G. McGraw

Shari and John Stankey

Alexine and Warren Tranquada

$10,000 – $14,999

Anne and Larry Angelilli
Lisa Arpey
Anne Brooksher-Yen
Linda and Bill Custard*

John Dayton*
Carol and Mark Kreditor
Susan and Bill Montgomery
The Paulos Foundation
Vin and Caren Prothro Foundation*

Arlene Ford and Christopher Reynolds
Sheri and Andrew Rosen
Greg Swalwell and Terry Connor
Key-Whitman Eye Center

Marnie and Kern Wildenthal*
Donna M. Wilhelm

$5,000 – $9,999

Jill Bee
Christy and Robby Berry
Cyndie Bertrand
Susi and Peter Brundage
Kristi Covey

Bess and Ted Enloe*
Dr. Susan Hornstein
Catherine Humphrey
Lori and Brad Lee*
Wendy Lopez and Connie Moorer
Helen and Brendan McGuire
Joseph Motes

The Netzer Family Foundation
Lee Cobb and Lucilo Peña*
Adriana and Guillermo Perales
Michal Powell
Katie and Mark Robbins
Dr. Christopher Salerno and Dr. John Dixon

Phyllis and Ron Steinhart*
Linda and Charles Thomas
Dawna and John Walsh
Scott Weaver
Silvis Family
Mary and Bill Sladek

$2,500 – $4,999

Anonymous (2)
Edward W. Ackerman
Rebecca Acuña
Jeffrey D. Allen*
Chris Baldridge
Diane Knape and David Biegler*
Becky Birmingham
Maria and Clark Blakeway
Joyce and Howard Bloom
Dale Boisso
Donna and Robert Bourgeois
Lisa Browning
Bryant and Nancy Hanley Foundation
Mary Bowman Campbell*
HiFi Hard Money Lending
Ana and Don Carty*
Angela Wommack and Ted Casey
Eric Cerny
Tim Chase and Eric Powell*
Dr. Carrie and Mr. Brandon Chenault
Laura Couch
Claudia and Scott Davis
Mary Dorsey

Cindy and Phil Eichenholz
Jason Elliott
Lauren Embrey*
Alina and Ruben E. Esquivel*
Susan and Charles Fajardo
Elizabeth Felker
Rebecca and Barron Fletcher*
Marshall Funk
Deborah Deitsch-Perez and Dr. Steven Goldfine
Linda and Bruce Graham
Fanchon and Howard Hallam
Craig Haynes
Julieta and William Henderson
Kim and Hudson Henley
Bertha and Narciso Hinojosa
Samuel Holland
Andrea Horvath
Angela and John Howell*
Cher and David Jacobs
Melinda and Jim Johnson
Rachael and Michael Kane
Kay and John Kelly
Matrice and Ron Kirk

Sarah Klarich
Kline Family Foundation*
Kathryn Kotel
Trudy and Bob Ladd
Dianne and Mark LaRoe
Leslie and Tony Lenamon
Lisa and Edward Lennox
Lynn and Thomas Lovell
Susan and Dan Matthews
Toni and Scott Mayfield
Lynn and Allan McBee
Paige McDaniel
Tricia Michaelson
Christi and Ken Mulkey
Ruth and Brian Mutch
Nancy A. Nasher and David J. Haemisegger
Lori and Nam Nguyen
Anne and Michael Ochstein
Sheryl and John Paul
Kendall and Chris Purpura
Dr. Anu Ravipati and Dr. Devesh Ramnath
Katie and Ian Rehmert
Gail Rigler and Michael Milner

Helen and Frank Risch*
Greg Roemer and Tong Cui
Dr. Henry and Ms. Terri Sanchez-Leal
Victoria Seitz
Michelle and Mike Sims
Jacqueline and William Stavi-Raines
Karen and Jack Stecher
Claudia Stool
Eileen Strotz
Mary Suhm
Sharon Ketko
Ed Swalm
Sarah Saldaña and Don Templin
Mary and Mike Terry*
Judy Townley
Cindy and L.C. Tubb
Rebecca and James Tudor
Deborah and James Turner
Southern Methodist University*
Judy Donachie Watson
Benay Weiss
Diane and George Wendel

$1,000 – $2,499

Anonymous (7)
Susan and Mark Abe
Jeffrey Abrahamson
Sheryl Adkins-Green
Thomas Adler
Steve Albitz
Creston H. Alexander
Debby and Bill Allbright
Joshua and Caroline Allred
Marilyn and Gerald Amen
Carol Anderson
Judy Anderson
Marc Andres
Lara Aragon
Anita and Truman Arnold
Anita and Paul Artt
Theresa Badylak
Tamara D. Baggett
Ida Jane and Doug Bailey
Dr. Linda and Spencer Barasch
Vicki and Tom Barrett
Beth Beach
Lisa Beckerman and Alan Rubin
C. David Bedford
Walter Beebe
Judy Begal
Nancy Benefield
Patty Benson
Joe Benton
Dr. Alan Berg
Arlene and Barry Berlin
Rainey Berry
Marilyn Bick*
Lara Bierner
Lou Ann Bode
Tawnya Bond
Sherry and Jim Bradow
Vicky Bratton
Holly and Doug Brooks
Jenny and Phillip Brooks
Candy and Ike Brown
Mason Brown Family Foundation
Beth and Michael Brown
Dr. Ray Brown
Judi and Joseph Bruegger
Karen and Edwin Bruning
Susan and David Bryson
Eric Buchl
Robert Bucker and Jody Hall
Beth Bull
Hance W. Burrow, III*
Melody Bustillos
Dorothy Butler
Joanna Byrne
Annika and Dennis Cail
Cathleen Callahan
Nancy and Clint Carlson
Sarah and Robert Carpenter
Lisa Castillo
Crystal Castleman
Michael Cavenee
Sue and Tom Chambers
Arthur Champine
Dr. Claire and Mr. Cal Chaney
Claire Chiappetta
Mary and Michael Cinatl
Al and Shalyn Clark
Maureen and Chad Clark
Shaun and Kerstin Clinton
William D. Cobb, Jr.
Jenifer Cody
James and Natalie Coe*
Jack Cohen
Laurie Sprouse and Christopher Cole
Catherine Cole Collective
Read and Kristen Cook
Olivia Cook
Mike Cooper
Kristen Cordes
Anne & Paul Corley
Corr Group Law
Sara Covington
Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Cronin*
Kelli Crosby
Samantha and Mark Crosby
Mike Crossley
Kathy and Harlan Crow*
Judy and Al Crozier
Judy and Cullen Cullers
Dr. Trenton Custis
Cynthia and Randall Davis
James Deer
Sara and Jason Dennis
Lynn and Andrew Derman
Tammy and Mike Dickstein
Barbara and Allen Dogger
William Dube
Timothy Durst
Eiseman Jewels, NorthPark Center
Kathryn and Timothy Eller
David Ellis
Courtney and Matthew Engle
Carole and Jim Erwin
Suzy and Adrian Escalante*
Linda and Norman Ewert

Raymond and Kristy Faus
Rachel Fetter
Elva and Barry Firstenberg
Coylee Fischer
Josh Fisherman
Linda and James Foos
Jeffrey Foust
Cindy and Patrick Fox
Ronnie Freidberg
Tracy Fulton
Jewish Society Charitable Trust
Mason Galloway
Judy and Walter Gaman
Archana Ganaraj
Dr. Catalina and Gary Garcia
Eduardo and Joe Garcia
Peggy Garmon
Arthur Geffen
Deanna and Matthew Gerde*
Brian Gerron
Mallory Fosdick and Bobby Gibbs
Kerry and Allan Gillan
Drs. Myra and John Gillean
Kirk Gills
Laurie and Major Ginsberg
Brian Ginsburg
Beth Good
Marge and Larry Goodman
Neville Govender
Mona and William Graue
Dr. Ron and Pam Graves
Holly and Stormy Greef
James & Cathey Greenfield
Peggy & Mark Griege
Dawn and Toby Grove
Lyndsey and Davinder Grover
Elsie and Robert Grundtvig
Timothy Gunderson
Steve Gunner
Susan and Michael Haddad
Jeanet Dreskin-Haig and Donald Haig
Cathey and Randy Hall*
Roxanna and Greg Hall
John H. Hallam
Robert Hallam, Jr.
Tracy Hargis
Bobby Harris
Terry Harris
Phil Hatton
Kerri Evanson and Darren Hauck
Colleen and David Hayes
Erin Hays
Sally and Bill Hayward
Steve and Melanie Hedrick
Chris Heinbaugh
Terri Heinen
Scott Helbing
Margaret and Mark Henderson
Patricia and James Henry
Martha and Barry Nadler
Gayle and James Hinton
Dale Hinz
Drs. Christine Ho and Anil Koganti*
Dr. Robert Honigsfeld
Suzy and Martin Hotchkiss
Greg and Sally Hoveland
Kristi and Ron Hoyl
In Honor of Anna Hudelson
L. Keith Hughes
Sharon Hughes
Dr. Mark Hupert and Mr. Mark Lombard
Cheryl and Stan Itzkowitz
Chad Bieber and Robert W. Ivey, III
Angela and Fred Jackson
Marla and Howard Janco
Jason January
Harriet Jeffers
Kristi and John Jenkins
Todd Jewett
Sue and Phil John
Linda Johnson
Jeff Jutte
Kimberly Kacal
Fahad Kajani
Dr. David Karp and Mrs. Corinne Karp
Peggy and Rob Kaufman
Judy and Harold Kaye
Donna and Greg Kelly
Harriett Kennedy
Amy and Kevin Kerber
Elizabeth Kiernan
Jan Killian
Ellen King
Sheilon King
Delane Kinney
Tanya and Charley Kiser
Sherrie and Jeffrey Klein
Heather Knapowski
Gina and John Knight
Amanda Knobloch
Dr. Mark Kogut
Amy and Jason Kulas
Sarah Kwidzinski
Gary Laben
Shirley Lacroix

Christina Lagoda and Marc Tatarsky
Sepherson Landers and James Hester
Steven LaPorte
Kurt Lasher
Joyce Laux
Kathleen and Michael LaValle
Ms. Kristen Lawson
Bruce and Ginger Leib
Dr. Greg and Alicia Lensing
Marsha Lev
David Lewis
Mary Lewis
Stephen Lieman
Kathy and Bob Lines
Tricia and Steve Loe
Ayanna Lonian
Julio Lopez
Dana Ly
Julie Machal-Fulks
Larry and Juli Mandala
Jenny and Chris Mantzuranis
March Family Charitable Foundation
Leonor Márquez
Elizabeth and David Martin
David Martindale
Julie and Edward Marx
Todd Massey
Shirley Mastenbrook
Elizabeth Matsil
Beverly Mauch
Larry and Susan McCarley
Linda McClain
Terri and Randy McClellen
Kathy McCool
Susan Brown and Bill McCoy
Alyce and Murry McKenzie
Dr. Bryon McKnight
Deborah McMurray and Glen Davison*
Alta McQueen
Vickie Medlin
Dr. Robert Metzger
Mary and Peter Meyers
Maribess and Jerry Miller
Sara Miller
Stephen Montefusco
Daniel Montgomery
Darlene and Thomas Moore
Rebecca and James Moore
Jessica Morris
Sharon and Kevin Morrison
Susanne Morrison
Brandi and Robert Motion
Gerard Murphy
Dr. Anh-Hong Tran and Eric Nadler*
Robert Nash
Linda and William Nelson*
Phillip Nesbit
Kate and Keith Newman*
Janiece and Jimmy Niemann
James Noonan
Tom Norris*
John Oehlke
Dr. Pat and Cindy Ohlenforst
Twyla and Tom O’Keefe
Karol and Larry Omlor
Sharron O’Neil
Scott Orr
Cathy and David Pace
Thuy and Eric Paletti
Ron Palluth
Rocco Papalia
Maureen Parks
Brett Parsley
Renita and Mark Partin*
Rana and John Pascoe
Kathryn and James Patterson
Abbe L. Patton
Dr. Craig Paul
Paul and Betsy Payne
Elaine and Trevor Pearlman
Jude and Don Peska
Stanley Peskind
Matthew Peters and Chris LaGrone
Rick Aishman and Tom Phipps
Ann and John Piazza
Annette and Steven Pipes
Kelly Craig and Chuck Poche
Laura and Gary Powers
Daniel Prescott
Arlene and Bill Press
Susan and Jim Pressler
Pat and John Priest
Dianne Prothro
Gina and Jeff Prudhomme
Mario Quintanilla
Sharon Quist
Carolyn Raiser and Andy Streitfeld*
Harriet Raskin
Cindy and Dr. R. Lynn Rea
Amber D. Reece
Dorothy Reeder
Ed Reeve III
Ann and Peter Reid
Barbara Forbes Repp
Susan and James Riley
Michelle Robberson

Sandra Roberdeau
Larry Roberts
Dr. Dena Robinson
Cecelia Rogers
Lysa and Gregory J. Rohan
Lisa Ross
Barbara and Stephen Ruel
Cindy Salkowski
Jenny Sanchez
Jen and John Sanders
Claudia Sandknop
Terry Sandlin
David Sassano and Don Tapani
Jackie and Andre Schwitter
Lynn Rossi Scott and Peter Scott
Robin Screen
Terry Shafer
Kaaren Shalom and Richard Gilligan
Brad Sham
John Shaw
Patricia and Tom Shires
Genie and Gary Short
Judith Shure
Toni and Morey Silverman
Denise and Denis Simon
Dr. Brenda Sims
Joseph Sims
Kelly Smoyer
Shanell Snyder
Carolyn and Keith Sockwell
Dan Sorey
Cindy and Dr. Stuart Spechler
Helen M. Spence
Teresa Spiegelman
Darren R. Stanley and Paul Wackym
Billie Staton
Amy Stewart Law
Sherry Stewart and Jim Attrell
Richard Stockton
Sandra and Gary H. Stone
Jill Stone
Ruth L. Switzer
Barbara and Robert Sypult*
Mary Tabor
Rosalie and Alan Taper
Tonya Tarpeh
Betsy and Todd Teitell
Beth and Chuck Thoele
Debbie and Michael Thompson
Lynne and Bob Thompson*
Angela and Joel Thronburg
Chad Tidwell
Cythia and Edward Timms
Louis Tiseo
Shari and Jay Tobin
Mrs. Linda McIntosh Todd
William Toles
Barb and Michael Tonti
Dr. Rudy and Carolyn Tovar
Javan Townsend
Lisa and Tony Truppa
Jo Tuck
E. Tucker
Mary Anne and James Turner
Dr. Gary Tylock
Douglas Unger
Bonnie Uzelac
Reagan Vadell
Lorraine Vecchiola
Debra and Raymond Vines
Marc and Angie Viscuso
Sharon and Robert Walker
Suzanne V. Walker
Dusty Wallace
Laurie Marine Wallace
Lorry and Patrick Wallace
Danielle and Chad Walters
Patricia Watson
Jason Webb
The Weiss Family
Susan and John Wellik
Joel Wellnitz
Carol R. West
Judith Wharton
Laura and Doug Wheat
The Skantz-Wiley Family Fund
Becky and Tom Williams
Margaret Wilonsky
Wendy Windham-Hamilton and Garry Hamilton
Alicia and Christopher Winn
Laura Worsham*
CandE and Steve Wright*
Sally Wyatt
Janet and Stephen Wyrick
Laura and Douglas Yarbrough
Chris and Donna Young
Tricia Yu
Radhika Zaveri
Cindy Zebroski
Kristie and Geoffrey Zenick
Bethany and David Zimmerman
Pat Zipper
Joyce and Paul Zopolsky
Chris Zpevak
Frank Zuch
Victoria Zudak and John Eichman

$500 – $999

Cedric Akion
Mr. Don Anderson and Mr. Perry Daughterty
Robert Bailes
Brooke Bailey
Mary Lynn and Fred Bangs
Marlena Bocian
Teresa Byrd
Cooper Craven Callom
Sheri Cartwright
Mitzi and John Chollampel
Mark Cobb
Grace Cook
Dr. Florence Cox
John deLorimier
Desiree DeLullo
Steven Dennis
Natalie Udouj Devero
Hashawn Epps
Mark Filardi

Steven Foster
Laura Franze
Hector Garcia and Craig Holcomb
Nick Geise
Jacquelyn and Gilbert Gerst
Debbie and Jack Gibson
Alan Greenspan and Terri Train Greenspan
Marquis Harper
Keeley Hennington
Chasity and Justin Henry
Carol and David Higgins
Ricardo Johnson II
Sierra Noelle Jones
Bill Katz*
Brad Kennedy
Susan Kennedy
Linda and Chris Keogh
Jennifer Knickel
Bobby Kolenovsky
Wojciech Kropiewnicki
John Lambert

John Lanzillo
Kathleen Lauzon and Bill Strand
Jade Lee
Nicole LeBlanc and Bill Zeeble
Laura and Tom Leppert
Stephen Liese
Veletta Forsythe Lill and John Lill
Robert Lyon
Gordon McDowell
Macy Melton
Matt and Sara Montgomery in honor of Sandy Montgomery
Adrian Moreno
Neil Moseley
John Mrook
Erika Haschke Pickens
LeAnn Nabors
Mr. Joel Navarro and Mr. Hunter Edwards
Charles C. Owen
George Perezdiaz
Cross Timbers Glamping Co.

Sandy and Tom Postma
Jim Price
Thomas Pritchett
Paula Rhines
Mr. and Mrs. Richard G.Rogers
Michael Rowland
Rochelle Rubin
Debbie and David Schweig
Rosie Shaw
Cecilia Silva and Grayson Mask
Lisa Simmons
Laura Smith
Monica & Jeff Susman
Sam and Carol Taylor
James Thompson
Jerry Tilley
Claire and Steve Upham
Jane Wetzel*
James Wick
Terri Woods-Campbell

$250 – $499

Anonymous (2)
Adam Abrams
Sara and Gary Ahr
Rachel Ali
Tamara Armstrong
Josh Arrington
Vikas Aurora
Dr. Jolie Bailey
Vaughn Bailey
Stacy Baldwin
Andrea Bartruff
William Beaber
Jerry Bell
Carmen & Manuel Berrelez
Mark Blaquiere
Sarah Blettner
Nick Bohmer
Bonilla Family
Robert Boone
Kimberly Bowdry
Kimberly Brem
Kathee Brewer
Gail Griswold and Bill Brice
Joseph & Nicole Briggs
Walter Bristol
Benica Brown
James Brown
Kirk Brunson
Julia Buckelew
Paula and Scott Burford
Nykaela Burks
Dennis and Carol Burns
Richard Busch
George Cacioppo
Ruth-Anne and James Calabra
Patsy and Roger Camp
William Carney
Jason Carroll
Joan Cartwright
Charles Cassady
Emily and Jason Cassady
Lili Clark
Benjamin Chohen
Cheryl and Randy Colen
Trevor Cone
Elle Congelliere
Deborah Connelly
Gail Cope
David Crownover
Stephanie Gause Culpepper
Stef Curtis
Richard Davenport
Cathy Davis
Michelle and Mike Davitt
Michelle Dawson
Chris de Haro
Michael Deese
The DeMiero Family
Alexis Dennard
Claire Dicorte
Leslie and Bryan Diers
Ernest Dillion
John Dinan
Jan Doyle
Jon and Gaye Drake

Quinntine Dunford
Carrie and Dan Easley
Cliff Ellman
Pete Evans
Michael Fallon
James Farias
Marcia and Irfan Farukhi
Brian Feeley
James Felke
Linda and Stanley Fergusson
Susie and Curtis Fitzgerald
Thyra Flabiano
Linda Fletcher
Lisa Fleury
Julia Forrester
James Fox
Elizabeth Franklin
Kaitlyn Frederick
Marsha Frederick
Anne-Marie and R.W. Funk
Esmeralda Garcia
David George
Dave Glass
Tyler Glass
Cathy Golden
Elaine and Ben Goldfarb
Oscar Gomez
Pace Goodwin
Fred Grinnell*
Lauren and Ryan Grogman
Jacy Grossman
Faraaz Hajee
Pam Halpert
Margaux Hanna
Zelda Cohen Hantz
John Harkin
Kimberley D’Anjoy Harris Phillips
Martha Harris
Jeff Harrop
Olivia and Charles Hasty
Vance Haynes
Kathy Hempel Cox
John Hendricks, Jr.
Julie and Bob Herman
Matthew Herrera
Andrew Hill
Haley Hodde
Jennifer Holland
Ronit Ilan
Rusty and John Jaggers
Dianne Jasso
Kathleen Jenkins
Deborah Johnson
Forrest Johnson and Gil Jesus
Josie Johnson
Kenefick Family
Morgan and Ronald Kerridge
Hussein Khalil
Laura Kirby
Cathy and Bill Kirkpatrick
Glenn Knuth
Leslie and Robert Krakow
Timothy Kramer
Jeffrey Kurz
Bora Laci
Robert Lander

Brent Lane
Sherry Lane
Bruce Lawrence
Vincent and Betty Leal
M. Denise Lee
David Lewis
Jeff & Natalie Light
Sallie J. Loop
Sarah Lowry
Mary Mackey
Philip Malachowski
Christine Manganello
Michael Manna
J. Edwin Martin
Kell Martin
Alfred Martinez and James Prothro
Ben Martinez
Karen Matson
Chris Matta
Conscious Oak Therapeutic Center
Lacey McBlain
Suzanne McElyea
Alicia McGlinchey
Patrick and Linda McMahon
Marian McMeans
Susan Melnick
Judy Merritt
Mitchell T Miller
William Miller
Dan Millheim
Melanie Mina
Yomaira Molina Reyes
David Moretsky
Chris Morgan
Ken Morris
Matt Morris
Danielle Mullen
Candice Murillo
Tad Murley
Ken & Stacy Murphy
Sandra Myers
Wayne Nash
Kent Nelms
Margaret and Jonathan Neubauer
Anne Newbury
Nathan Nguyen
Kevin Nicholson
Deborah and Jim Nugent
Carolyn Obrist
Beverly Olds
Tanya Oliveira
Daniel Ontiveros
Roberta Ozan
David Papson-Adams
Joseph Park
Bob Patin
Wendy Patton
Callie Paul
Doug Pauley
Rina Pecina
Cathy Phillips
Keith Pickens
David and Lexi Piotrowski
Linda & Brandon Pitts
Robbie Pitts
Marilyn and William Platt

Kelli Poremba
Austin Price
Darryl Clement and Noel Pullam
Cyril & Mashaer Rajan
Lisa and Stuart Rasley*
Traci Reavis
Jacqui Reed
Mary Reese-Sherrill
Scott Reynolds
Terence Reynolds
Cameron Robertson
Ellie and Randol Rodgers
Dr. Jean Marie Roelke
Donna and Richard Rose
Deborah Hersh and Edward Rosenwasser
Susan Routh
Belinda Rueffer
DiannaLynn Ramsey
Diana Saleh
Christa Salgado
Kimberly Sanders
Caroline Saunders
Peter Schellbach
Marilyn Schnitzer
Kayla Schroeder
Pat and Ed Seifert
Craig Sheils
Steve Shrim
Ranjit Singh
Rich, Dawn, Jonathan, and Kara Sloan
John Slocum
Britt Smith
Suzanne and James
Michael and Elizabeth Sneed
Paul and Pam Southern
Jeannine Spiller-Hisey
Vivek Srivastava
Patricia Stahl and Chet Morrison
Rick & Sheila Stiggers
Kristi Teeter
Lauren Thedford
Blue Thompson
Magreta Tjhai
Lupe and Michael Tobey
Melissa and John Torres
Estefania Touza
Helaine and Isaac Trachtenberg
Beth and Pedro Trevino
Dianna and Tom Unis
Bryan & Erin Van Gundy
Deanann Vanderslice
Carter Vaughn
Ruben Velez
John Vernon
Chere’ Vinson
Rick Wang
Tamara & Scott Ward
Keisha Ware
Maeghan Whitehead
Linda and Lee Wilkins
Betty Williamson
Kay Winzenried
Tamara and Brian Woodchek
William Yung

$125 – $249

Patti and Robert Aisner
Mary and Steve Beckham
Stephen Behn
Susan and William Behrendt
Barbara Clay and Ken Bernstein
Deven Billings
Anne Buckingham
Pamela Busbee
Gregory Byrne
Jan Callender
American Sports Agency
Dr. Jodi Cooley-Sekula
Hal Coon
Nina Cortell and Bob Fine
Martin Cox

Stephanie Cox
Kertrina Dauway
Jayna DuBose
Jose Figueroa
Cynthia Goodwin
Mark Grasse
Kathy and Graham Greene
Rachel Harrah
Rue and Tuck Henry
Reverend Virginia Holleman
Maria Esteves and Jaime Jaramillo
Dr. Dorothy Knoll
Wendy Koster and Dave Pryor
Stanley Levenson
Alan Loewinsohn
Thomas Marsh

Jim and Madeline McClure
Niki McCuistion
Kelly Merrick
Susanne Michelsen
Michelle Morgan*
Prit Patel
Kim and Hal Price
Carlos Andres Rincones
Susan Rosson
Wayne Ruhter
Catherine Saxon
A.J. Sheredos
Jennifer and Andrew Siegel
Katherine Smethie
Howard Stein
Craig Sutton

Glenn Teitlus
Dr. Marye Thomas
Grace Tran
Lark Tribble
Rosalind and Richard Tuerk
Linda Turley
Kim Valbuena
Sherrie Varrichio
Cindy and Arthur Vaughn
Judy Vetter
Carolyn and Robert Walters
Heather Welch-Westfall
Sharin Whitesitt
Richard Wills*

The Campaign to Build the Center

The AT&T Performing Arts Center applauds our million-dollar donors whose generous contributions of $1 million or more helped build the Center. Today, these donors are recognized permanently in the Donor Reflecting Pool, a centerpiece of the Center’s campus and a lasting tribute to the individuals, families, foundations and corporations that made unparalleled contributions to this historic cultural project.

Founding Families

Kenneth & Ruth Sharp Altshuler
Harry W. Bass, Jr. Foundation
Boeckman Family, The Boeckman Family Foundation & JFM Foundation
Diane & Hal Brierley
Toni & Norman Brinker
Nancy & Clint Carlson
Communities Foundation of Texas
Mary Anne & Richard Cree
Linda & Bill Custard & L. Frank Pitts
The Dallas Opera Landmark Fund
Arlene & John Dayton
Chadwick-Loher Foundation
The Bradbury Dyer III Foundation
The Rosemary & Roger Enrico Family
Amy & Vernon Faulconer
Candice & Robert Haas
Fanchon & Howard Hallam
Hoblitzelle Foundation
Gene & Jerry Jones
Kim Hiett Jordan
Landmark Foundation Partnership
Mark L. & Barbara Thomas Lemmon
Joy & Ronald Mankoff
Nancy Cain Marcus
Phyllis & Tom H. McCasland, Jr.
Mrs. Eugene McDermott, The Eugene McDermott Foundation
Juanita & Henry S. Miller, Jr. & The Miller Family, Vance Charles Miller, Patricia Miller Donosky, Henry S. Miller III, Jacqueline Miller Stewart
Dana & Charles Nearburg
Once Upon A Time…
The Paulos Foundation Honoring Angela D. Paulos
Perkins-Prothro Foundation

Sarah & Ross Perot, Jr.
Nelda Cain Pickens
The Vin & Caren Prothro Foundation
Edward W. & Deedie Potter Rose
The Rosewood Foundation
Sarah M. & Charles E. Seay
Stemmons Foundation
Annette & Theodore H. Strauss Family
Margaret & Jack Sweet
Debbie & John C. Tolleson
Ellen & J. McDonald Williams
Jean D. Wilson
Margot & Bill Winspear
Mary & Bob Wright
Dee & Charles Wyly
Cheryl & Sam Wyly
Anonymous (2)

Cornerstone Donors

Jane & Ron Beneke Family
The Robert H. Dedman Family
Leah & Jerry Fullinwider
Hegi Family Foundation
Thomas O. & Cinda C. Hicks Foundation
J.L. & Sydney Thweatt Huffines
The Jerry R. Junkins Family Foundation
The Irvin L. Levy & Kenneth L. Schnitzer Families
Nancy & Kenton McGee, Alexandra & Robert Lavie & The McGee Foundation
The Meadows Foundation
The Murchison Family
Virginia & Robert Payne Family
Margot & Ross Perot
T. Boone Pickens
Caren H. Prothro
Cindy & Howard Rachofsky

Caren H. Prothro
Cindy & Howard Rachofsky
Jan & Trevor D. Rees-Jones
Peggy & Leonard Riggs
Sue Gill Rose In Honor of Margaret McDermott
Peggy & Carl Sewell Family
Annette & Harold Simmons
Jane & Bud Smith
Gayle & Paul Stoffel
Bea & Ray Wallace
Donna M. Wilhelm
Kathy & Rodney Woods

Capstone Donors

The Alberts Family
Alice W. & Richard D. Bass
Tricia & Gil Besing
Nancy & Randy Best
Molly Byrne, Turning Point Foundation
Linda & Don Carter
The James M. Collins Family
The David M. Crowley Foundation
Gina & Scott Ginsburg
Nancy B. Hamon
Hillcrest Foundation, Founded By Mrs. W.W. Caruth, Sr.
Ann & Lee Hobson
Marguerite Steed Hoffman, In Memory of Edmund Hoffman & In Honor of Margaret McDermott
Jennifer & Doug Houser
Harriet & Buddy Jeffers
Joyce & Larry Lacerte
Carole & John Ridings Lee
Ann & Cary Maguire
Stanley & Linda Marcus Foundation
Ann Swisher & Michael F. McGehee
The John D. McStay Family

Ann Swisher & Michael F. McGehee
The John D. McStay Family
Nancy A. Nasher & David J. Haemisegger
Alice & Erle Nye
Helen & Frank Risch
Nancy C. & Richard R. Rogers
Shannon & Ted Skokos, The Ted & Shannon Skokos Foundation
Dr. Bob & Jean Smith Family Foundation
Mike & Mary Terry Family Foundation
Joanna & Peter Townsend
Marnie & Kern Wildenthal
The Harriet Lang & Jos. Irion Worsham Family

Vision Donors

Lydia & Bill Addy
Anita & Truman Arnold
The Moody Foundation


Alon USA
American Airlines
Bank of America
Brinker International
Dean Foods Company
Flagship Corporate Alliance
Chase and J.P. Morgan
Kimberly-Clark Corporation
Neiman Marcus
Sammons Enterprises, Inc.
Texas Instruments Foundation
TXU Energy

The Pillar Program provided monumental support to the campaign to build the AT&T Performing Arts Center through gifts of $25,000 to $500,000. All Pillar Program donors are recognized on the digital signage in Elaine D. and Charles A. Sammons Park.


Wendy and Tom Engibous
John P. Harbin
Carolyn and Roger Horchow
Joyce and Harvey Mitchell
Nancy and John Penson


Carol and Steve Aaron
Tory and Dick Agnich
Carol and Bruce Calder
Ana and Don Carty
Bonnie Cobb
Jennifer and John Eagle
Embrey Family Foundation
Bess and Ted Enloe
Melissa and Trevor Fetter
Susan and William Montgomery
Michel L. Mullen Family
Raymond D. Nasher
Leslie and Howard Schultz
Diane and John Scovell
Gay and Bill Solomon
Pat and Pat Weber
Anonymous (2)


Penny and Anthony Atkiss
Ginger and Jack Blanton
Mrs. W. Plack Carr, Sr.
Dianne Cash
Kay and Elliot Cattarulla
Dickinson Family
Barbara and Steven H. Durham

Sally and Tom Dunning
Jeanne and Sanford Fagadau
Nita and John Ford
Gay and Lesbian Fund for Dallas
Joyce and Stephen Goldmann
Sheila and Joseph M. Grant
Dr. Myra Barker Hull and Mr. Robert Hull
Susan and Bob Kaminski
Jane and Barron Kidd
Cece and John Ford Lacy
Bobby Lyle
Charlene and Tom Marsh
Shirley and William McIntyre
Bob Nickell
Ruth and Jay Pack
Dianne and Don Patterson
Elaine and Trevor Pearlman
Jessie and Charles Price
Jean Rembert
Patricia and Jed Rosenthal
Pat and Peter Schenkel
Betty and Pomeroy Smith
Nancy and George Shutt
Carl J. and Lois B. Thomsen
Lisa and Kenny Troutt
Mary Watson-Stone


Elaine and Neils Agather
Marilyn Augur
Diane and David Biegler
Dr. Joanne Stroud Bilby
Whitney and Christian Brunet with Margaret and Chad Dayton in honor of Arlene and John Dayton
Sara Crimson
David and Mara Deniger
Gail Ewing

Rebecca and Barron Fletcher
Carol and Jeffrey Heller
Dr. Linda Hunt Hester
Jerry R. and Constance A. Klemow Foundation
Leslie and Michael Lanahan
Helen K. and Robert G. McGraw
William F. Miller III, Patricia L. Miller, Joshua W. Miller, Abby M. Miller, Bridget Miller, James W. Miller
Barbara and John Page
Nancy Perot
Michal and Loyd Powell
Jacqueline Sewell
Phyllis and Ron Steinhart


Bickel & Brewer Foundation
Drs. Anne and Alan Bromberg
Holly and Doug Brooks
Susan and Stephen Butt
Catherine Carr
Jennifer and Coley Clark
Jeanne Marie Clossey
Joni and Robert Cohan
Carole and Jim Erwin
Julie M. Ford
Alfredo Flores
Holly and Stormy Greef
Randi and Edward Halsell
Candy and Ron Hatfield
Geri and John Herbert
Angela and John Howell
Audrey and Norman Kaplan
Rita and Jack Klein
Tracey and Aaron Kozmetsky
Carol and Mark Kreditor
Liza and Will Lee
Diana and Todd Maclin
Sara and David F. Martineau

Lynn and Allan McBee
June and Peter McGuire
Su-Su and Jerry Meyer
Maribess and Jerry Miller
Cynthia and Tom Mitchell
Maggie Rowton Molitor
Paige and William Montgomery
David E. Morales, M.D.
Ruth and Brian Mutch
Melanie and Jim Myers
Charlene and Roger Nanney
North Texas Business for Culture and Arts and the Leadership Arts Class of 2008
Ginger and Patrick O’Brien
Jane and Thomas O’Toole
Lucilo A. Pena and Lee A. Cobb
Christine and Joe Popolo
Diane and Maury Purnell
Mary Stewart and James Ramsey
Pat and David Reed
Sherry and Brooks Reed
Betty and Gerard Regard
The Ritz-Carlton Dallas
Mrs. Ruth Robinson
Marilyn and Donald H. Schaffer
Melissa and Paul Stewart
Norma and Don Stone
Barbara and Robert Sypult
Sarah and Donald Warnecke
Katie and Bill Weaver
Jane and Otto Wetzel
Laura and John Whitley
Karen and Jim Wiley
Penny L. Youngblood and Nancy E. Pearce

The Landmark Foundation Partnership Donors donors gave between $25,000 and $500,000 to the capital campaign. All Landmark Foundation Partnership donors are recognized on the digital signage in Elaine D. and Charles A. Sammons Park and as a group in the Donor Reflecting Pool.

Founders Partner

Constantin Foundation
The Goddard Foundation
Pollock Foundation

Cornerstone Partner

The Dallas Foundation
Fidelity Foundation
Jordan Family Foundation
Roy and Chrsitine Sturgis Charitable & Educational Trust

Ruth C. and Charles S. Sharp Foundation
George and Fay Young Foundation

Century Partner

Adeline and George McQueen Foundation
Crystelle Waggoner Charitable Trust
Ed Haggar Family Foundation
Hawn Foundation
Helen Irwin Littauer Educational & Charitable Trust

Hoglund Foundation
J.M. Haggar, Jr. Family Foundation
Lyndhurst Foundation
Wal-Dot Foundation

Flagship Partner

Bryant and Nancy Hanley Foundation
Richard D. Bass Foundation
Thompson and Knight Foundation

The Flagship Corporate Alliance together together raised $5 million for the campaign to build the AT&T Performing Arts Center. All Flagship Corporate Alliance donors are recognized on the digital signage in Elaine D. and Charles A. Sammons Park and as a group in the Donor Reflecting Pool.


Bank of America
Exxon Mobil


Commercial Metals Company
Deloitte & Touche USA LLP
Ebby Halliday, Realtors
Haynes and Boone, LLP
Mary Kay, Inc.
One Arts Plaza
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Tenet Healthcare Foundation


Baker Botts, LLP
Bank of Texas
Bbva Compass
Comerica Bank
Crescent Real Estate Equities
Ernst & Young
Frost Bank
Grant Thornton

Jackson Walker LLP
K&L Gates LLP
Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell LLP
Northern Trust
PlainsCapital Bank
Southwest Airlines
The Staubach Company
Todd.Event Design.Creative Services
Vinson & Elkins LLP
Wells Fargo, N.A.
Winstead PC

Named Spaces at the Center


Margot and Bill Winspear Opera House
Margaret McDermott Performance Hall
Nancy B. Hamon Hall
C. Vincent Prothro Lobby
Moody Foundation Chandelier
Annette and Harold Simmons Glass Façade
Shannon and Ted Skokos Stage
Anita and Truman Arnold East Foyer
Diane and Hal Brierley Encore Suite
Mary Anne and Richard Cree Box Circle
Rosemary and Roger Enrico Family Gateway
Juanita and Henry S. Miller, Jr. Founders Room


Dee and Charles Wyly Theatre
Potter Rose Performance Hall
Diane and Hal Brierley Esplanade
Diane and Hal Brierley Sky Lounge
Mark and Barbara Thomas Lemmon Rooftop Terrace
Shannon and Ted Skokos Stage


Shannon and Ted Skokos Pavilion


Elaine D. and Charles A. Sammons Park
Caren and Vin Prothro Garden
Flagship Corporate Alliance Lawn
Mary C. and David M. Crowley Lawn