This Week at the AT&T Performing Arts Center

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Posted February 20, 2024

This Week: Local Bluey Expert

Bluey and Bingo and the gang are visiting the Majestic Theatre Feb. 23 - 25 for Bluey's Big Play, so Matt visited with a local Bluey expert to learn about all things Bluey! It doesn't go well...

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Posted January 22, 2024

This Week: In Search of... the "Dog Man"

Join us on this odyssey of discovery, as we peel back the layers that shroud the profound mystery of the "Dog Man". Is it a monster? Or is it a musical adaptation of Dav Pilkey's hilarious book series playing through January 28th at the Wyly Theatre that you can get tickets for at

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Posted October 30, 2023

This Week: Les 7 Doigts

Matt tight ropes his way through this conversation with TITAS/DANCE UNBOUND Artistic Director, Charles Santos, to get the lowdown on the highly choreographed cirque from Les 7 Doigts' Passagers coming to the Center this weekend. Long story short: the show looks AWESOME and Matt ends up DEEPLY offended.

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Posted September 25, 2023

This Week: Open Mic!

We put out the call for talent and local talent said "We'll be there Wednesday at 6:30!" In honor of Open Mic Night at the Center on Wednesday some of our staff went to an open mic night to show off their very special skills

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Posted September 18, 2023

This Week: Home by Hovercraft

Matt runs into members of local band Home By Hovercraft camping out in Sammons Park before their PNC Patio Session this week. Plus Latinidad, Switchfoot, Rocky Horror Show, MOMIX - ALICE and MORE!

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Posted September 11, 2023

This Week: Haunted Objects LIVE!

Matt's a little creepier than usual with Greg & Dana's Haunted Objects Live! - Chilling, True Tales from the Newkirk Museum of the Paranormal at the Texas Theatre this Friday. That PLUS TBT's Dracula, The Sixties Show, and Spiderman: Into the Universe in Concert! What a week!