Posted April 25, 2024

TITAS/DANCE UNBOUND in association with AT&T Performing Arts Center Proudly Announces Their 2024|2025 Season UNEXPECTED


in association with

AT&T Performing Arts Center

Proudly Announces Their

2024|2025 Season


TWYLA THARP (USA) – September 20, 2024

NOCHE FLAMENCA (Spain) October 04/05, 2024

OKAREKA (New Zealand) (Texas Debut) – November 01/02, 2024

MARK MORRIS DANCE GROUP (USA) – November 23, 2024

ALONZO KING LINES BALLET (USA) – December 13, 2024

BALLET HISPÁNICO (USA) (World Premiere) (Broadway-Add-on) – January 24/25, 2025

WHIM W’HIM (USA) (Texas Debut) – April 11, 2025



with Special Event:



(DALLAS)TITAS/DANCE UNBOUND in association with the AT&T Performing Arts Center announces its 2024|2025 season featuring nine companies from three different countries including Spain, New Zealand, and the United States, including two Texas Debuts, one World Premiere and three performances with live music.

UNEXPECTED – TITAS/DANCE UNBOUND continues to bring breathtaking artistry, athletic and amazing dancers make this a very special season of internationally touring companies. With four decades under their belt, TITAS/DANCE UNBOUND sees the power of bringing top-notch artists to Dallas and the value of serving an adventurous and eager audience. Cultural awareness and the enrichment of a community is the heart of what TITAS does. “Our mantra this year is Nothing replaces the LIVE experience. It’s time to get back into theaters for that shared experience,” says TITAS/DANCE UNBOUND Executive and Artistic Director, Charles Santos. “The season presents some of the world’s most intriguing dance companies. To experience these outstanding performances, you have to be in the room! Dance doesn’t get any better than this, and our devoted TITAS audiences are well aware that TITAS shows are where you see unique and diverse works from around the globe.”

Subscribers receive special perks, saving 20% on single tickets prices, free ticket insurance, discounted parking prices, and seat assurance all season long. Season subscriptions of the nine performances start at $161.50 and can be purchased by phone at 214.880.0202 and online at Box Office is open 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, via phone, and in person before performances – closed Saturday and Sunday.

Single tickets for TITAS/DANCE UBOUND regular season performances begin at $12 in the Winspear Opera House and $25 at the Moody Performance Hall and will go on sale this Summer.



September 20, 2024

8:00 pm

Winspear Opera House

“The air was crackling with enthusiasm…The night was so fun. Tharp reminds us all that at its core, dance should always be just that.” – Broadway World

Revolutionary choreographer Twyla Tharp returns to TITAS celebrating her 60th anniversary with a boundary-breaking program featuring a dynamic revival and two new pieces. Ocean’s Motion (1975) featuring music by rock and roll pioneer Chuck Berry, and Brel is an homage to the Belgian vocalist Jacques Brel. Composer Simeon ten Holt’s signature minimalist style in Bi-Ba-Bo intermingles with Vivaldi’s Baroque score in masterful new work The Ballet Master.

Jubilant, often comic, and stunningly precise and musical choreography, this evening of dance is a shining example of Tharp’s signature technical precision and wit. Unpredictable and dynamic, Tharp’s creations solidify her place as one of the great artists of our time. This groundbreaking evening is not one to be missed, and we are thrilled to have the legendary Twyla Tharp back at the Winspear Opera House.


October 04/05, 2024

8:00 pm

Moody Performance Hall

“Noche Flamenca is one of the most electrifying theatrical experiences of my life.” – The Huffington Post

Noche Flamenca, formed in 1993 by Martin Santangelo and dancer Soledad Barrio is, “a soul-stirring tour de force of theater.” – New York Times. Searching for Goya features a company of dancers, singers and musicians whose mastery of flamenco stretches the boundaries of the art form with a theatricality that engages audiences and takes them on a journey through Goya’s graphic imagination. Soledad Barrio, a true legend in Flamenco, surrounded by an extraordinary cast of dancers and musicians, returns to Dallas with an amazing work inspired by the transformative paintings of Francisco de Goya. Searching for Goya is a perfect example of what Noche Flamenca has become – a powerful group of collaborators in which every dancer and musician is a master of their craft. TITAS is honored to have this amazing company, with Live Music, back in Dallas.


November 01/02, 2024

8:00 pm

Moody Performance Hall

Mana Wahine is above all a rich fusion of choreography, music, tikanga Maori [the Maori way]” – Theatreview

TITAS welcomes the debut of this stunning company from New Zealand. Okareka’s Mana Wahine [Powerful Women] bursts upon the stage in a multi-media collage of powerful imagery and dance. Inspired by the historic true story of a young Maori heroine, as well as by women’s stories from the dancers’ families, this work incorporates bold projections, chant, original music, traditional implements, historical motifs and costuming that draws from Maori (the indigenous people of New Zealand) culture.

Choreographers Taane Mete, Taiaroa Royal and Malia Johnston, inspired and guided by Maori elder Tui Matira Ranapiri-Ransfield, have created an enduring work that transcends cultures as it celebrates the power of women. Mana Wahine is an awe-inspiring 70-minute, multi-media performance that celebrates the essence of life’s journeys and creates a vision of strength that empowers women around the world.


November 23, 2024

8:00 pm

Winspear Opera House

Witty and brilliant. Mark Morris’s tribute to Burt Bacharach is what the world needs now.” – Washington Post

Mark Morris is back and with live music! His new work, The Look of Love, is a heartfelt homage to the unforgettable chart-topping songs of the late Burt Bacharach, a towering figure of popular music. Bacharach’s melodies and unique orchestrations soar with influences from jazz, to rock and Brazilian music, while his longtime lyricist Hal David provides unsentimental, often bittersweet, lyrics.

Mark Morris is truly one of the most important choreographic voices of our time. His original choreography and lush musical arrangements by Iverson in this evening-length showpiece delivers a powerful fusion of dance and music, captivating both audiences and critics alike. The stage comes alive with an exceptional ensemble of vocals, piano, trumpet, bass, and drums, creating an unforgettable auditory experience. Leading the charge with her remarkable voice is the extraordinary singer, actress, and Broadway star Marcy Harriell. We are thrilled to have Mark Morris Dance back with TITAS.


December 13, 2024

8:00 pm

Winspear Opera House

“King is one of the few bona fide visionaries in the ballet world today.” – San Francisco Chronicle

Alonzo King LINES Ballet, a 2020 Dance Magazine Award recipient, is back! Crazy beautiful and glorious on stage, this is a must-see company and performance experience.

Luscious, impeccable technique, stunning dancers and powerfully visual works are what make Alonzo King LINES Ballet so exceptional. The Ballet collaborates with noted composers, musicians and visual artists from around the world to create performances that alter the way we look at ballet today. Rich themes built with a special commitment to cultural collaboration, Alonzo King creates works that enthrall audiences and draw on a diverse set of deeply rooted cultural traditions, imbuing classical ballet with new expressive potential. TITAS is thrilled to have LINES Ballet back in the Winspear Opera House!


January 24/25, 2025 (3 shows)

2:00pm (January 25); 8:00 pm

Moody Performance Hall

“Ballet Hispánico shows what it is to be Latino in the modern world.” – Financial Times

Always a TITAS Favorite, Ballet Hispánico brings to Dallas the premiere of a reimagined, evening length version of the critically acclaimed CARMEN.maquia. Hailed as a “masterpiece” by the Chicago Sun-Times, it is a Picasso-inspired contemporary take on Bizet’s beloved classic. The physically charged and sensual choreography fuses contemporary dance with nods to the Spanish paso doble and flamenco.

A stunning set design by Luis Crespo and minimalist black-and-white costumes by fashion designer David Delfin evoke the paintings of Pablo Picasso. Highly original and full of elaborate partnering, CARMEN.maquia is a bold and electrifying reimagining of this tragic tale. TITAS is honored to present the premiere of the evening-length version of CARMEN.maquia.


April 11, 2025

8:00 pm

Winspear Opera House

“The dancers and choreography are amazing. I find myself transfixed on seeing how the dancers fluidly move. I was transported by beauty, strength, and artistry.” – Patron Comment

TITAS welcomes, in their Texas debut, Whim W’Him, an award-winning Seattle-based dance company known for its artistic quality and innovative choreography. Founded in 2009 by former Pacific Northwest Ballet principal dancer and choreographer Olivier Wevers, Whim W’Him has quickly become a rising star in the dance world.

TITAS is always excited when we find a new company that is bursting on the international touring scene. This company will be a surprise hit of the season! Don’t miss this One-Night-Only opportunity to see the future of dance.


May 02/03, 2025

8:00 pm

Moody Performance Hall

“The amalgam of ballerina finesse and daft diva antics is brilliant, unsettling, riveting: the epitome of Trocks style.” – Alastair Macaulay, The New York Times

TITAS is thrilled to welcome back to Dallas a company that is probably the most requested from our audiences. Les Balles Trockadero de Monte Carlo is the world’s foremost All-Male comic ballet company. Famed for hilarious performances en pointe and en travesti, The Trocks continue to celebrate more than 50 fantastic years of artistic hilarity in 2024-25!

Dance aficionados and first-time audiences alike revel in the technical skill and uproarious antics of The Trocks. Virtuosic and utter cleverness, many try, but The Trocks are the real deal, and the simply best. Technically great and always hilarious, The Trocks are like the love child of Carol Burnet and Rudolf Nureyev.

Join us for two fun-filled, don’t take yourself too seriously, nights of ballet where all are welcome to enjoy, celebrate and laugh with these great artists.


May 23, 2025

8:00 pm

Winspear Opera House

“[Doug Varone’s To My Arms/Restore] Intimate and explosive …unabashedly glorious.” – Broadway World

Doug Varone is a master dance maker and creates dances like a master painter. The music comes to life as he paints the stage with movement. To My Arms / Restore is a two-part work embodying Varone’s fascination with the interplay between the deeply emotional and the immensely physical.

Set to a suite of exquisite arias by G. F. Handel, To My Arms builds a landscape of love and loss, evoking a strange otherworld of intimacy. In stark contrast, Restore feels as if it has been ripped out of today’s front pages, bringing a message of community, defiance, and resilience in a world recoiling and rebounding.

Driven by the 21st-century sound Handel Remixed, arranged by the London Festival Voices and composer Nico Bentley, the score fuses Handel’s 18th-century choral score Dixit Dominus with beats more commonly heard in clubs around the globe.

The work draws you in, surprises you, and takes you on a journey. These amazing dancers bring a “human-ness” to Varone’s choreography while his work revels in the subtle beauty and raw energy in everyday moments.

Varone is a master, and we are thrilled to have his company back in Dallas, especially with Live Music.


April 26, 2025

6:00 pm

Winspear Opera House

“A mix of classical and modern dance… Awe inspiring, powerful and dazzling.” Dallas Morning News

Jaw-dropping and Awe Inspiring, Command Performance always delivers one of the most exciting performances of the year. Dynamic and unforgettable, this is world-class dance! Artists from leading companies light up the stage with spectacular, surprising jaw-dropping performances. It is the pyrotechnics of dance—the most exciting, innovative and beautiful works being performed today. Command Performance also features TITAS/DANCE UNBOUND commissioned works created specifically for this gala performance; works by some of the world’s leading choreographers such as Twyla Tharp, Dwight Rhoden, Jessica Lang, Mia Michaels, Sonya Tayeh, Bridget L. Moore and WANG Yuanyuan. Truly, a not-to-be-missed event!


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