Posted March 8, 2024

Ghost Hunters’ Dustin Pari Shares Paranormal Stories and Evidence in “Ghosts: Do You Believe?” Coming to Texas Theatre on May 20, 2024

Spine-Tingling Experience Visits More Than 40 Cities in 2024
Tickets on Sale Now
People have long been fascinated with the ghostly unknown, wondering whether ghosts are real or just a figment of their imagination. This obsession has compelled Dustin Pari, expert paranormal researcher and renowned team member of television’s Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International to delve deep into the question Ghosts: Do You Believe?, an all-new live show breaking down the boundaries between reality and the supernatural. The national tour will visit more than 40 cities including Dallas at Texas Theatre on Monday, May 20, 2024 at 7:30 PM.
Tickets are on-sale now and available HERE.
Ghosts: Do You Believe? host Pari — who had his own encounter with a spirit in his childhood home — shares his knowledge with audiences about the world’s most riveting paranormal evidence and perplexing ghost stories that simply defy explanation. This spine-tingling, interactive journey through haunted encounters and mind-boggling phenomena features photographic evidence from Pari’s travels.
“My goal is to bring audiences a deeper insight into the supernatural world and unlock the mysteries that haunt us all,” says Pari. “It’s the 21st century and yet people today are just as obsessed with the paranormal and the belief that ghosts exist as they have been since the beginning of time.”
Ghosts: Do You Believe? invites guests to experience the unseen in an extraordinary live show, tackling such questions as:
• Are ghosts real?
• Can we make contact with the other side?
• What happens after we die?
• Does any of our spirit continue to linger here on the earthly plain?
• How do we cope with our own mortality?
“Ghosts: Do You Believe takes attendees on a journey exploring the human spirit and ghostly apparitions. Audiences will leave the theater with a greater understanding about the search for meaning in life, beyond death and ghosts,” says Pari.
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