Doug Varone and Dancers

To My Arms / Restore

Live music

Winspear Opera House

May 23
8:00 pm
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Friday, May 23, 8:00 pm

“Doug Varone and Dancers triumph in To My Arms / Restore.” – Bachtrack

Doug Varone is a master dance maker and creates dance like a master painter. The music comes to life as he paints the stage with movement. To My Arms / Restore is a two-part work embodying Varone’s fascination with the interplay between the deeply emotional and the immensely physical. Set to a suite of exquisite arias by G.F. Handel, To My Arms builds a landscape of love and loss, evoking a strange otherworld of intimacy. In stark contrast, Restore feels as if it has been ripped out of today’s front pages, bringing a message of community, defiance, and resilience in a world recoiling and rebounding. Driven by the 21st-century sound Handel Remixed, arranged by the London Festival Voices and composer Nico Bentley, the score fuses Handel’s 18th-century choral score Dixit Dominus with beats more commonly heard in clubs around the globe. The work draws you in, surprises you, and takes you on a journey. These amazing dancers bring a “human-ness” to Varone’s choreography while his work revels in the subtle beauty and raw energy in everyday moments. Varone is a master, and we are thrilled to have his company back in Dallas, especially with Live Music.


Nothing replaces that shared visceral connection we get from a live performance. That phenomenal moment of surprise and awe is what makes the TITAS/DANCE UNBOUND season so special. Diverse, global, surprising and entertaining, all describe the magic of TITAS. Nothing Replaces the Live Experience.