Posted February 23, 2024

WATCH: Verdigris Ensemble Uses Artificial Intelligence to Create Projections

Verdigris turns the Wyly Theatre into a 'Dust Bowl' February 23 - 25.

Go behind the scenes with Courtney Ware from Lightware Labs to see how the projections for Verdigris Ensemble’s production of Dust Bowl are created using the magic of Pika Labs, an AI generator!

More about Dust Bowl:
Anthony J. Maglione’s acclaimed music triumphantly returns to Dallas, played to sold-out audiences during its world premiere in 2020. The commissioned work, which Dallas critics hailed as “breathtaking” and “unlike anything else in our city,” features first-hand accounts of survivors of the Dust Bowl with additional newspaper articles and diary entries. In collaboration with a bluegrass band, video projection, and choreographed movement, Verdigris Ensemble brings Dust Bowl back to Dallas and asks how this happened and whether we have learned from our mistakes.

Dust Bowl previously appeared in Hamon Hall as part of the Center’s Elevator Project.