Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access at the Center

Our commitment

The AT&T Performing Arts Center serves as a place of inclusion, diversity, and equity for our staff, artists, community and beyond. We commit to listening to each other, learning from each other, and taking a stand for what we know is right, so that all people feel valued, respected, and safe.  

We stand opposed to racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, hate directed at faith traditions, and anything that diminishes the dignity and self-worth of anyone in our diverse community. We recognize the transformative power of the arts, especially its ability to bring people together, to entertain, to inspire, and to heal.

Programs and opportunities

To ensure opportunities and access to the arts for all, we provide a wide range of cultural opportunities and programs to serve our large and diverse North Texas community.  

  • Education: For more than a dozen years, we’ve served tens of thousands of students from every corner of our city through a wide range of impactful arts education programs.
  • Community: We build and sustain deep relationships through our ArtsBridge programs, connecting residents of West Dallas and South Dallas with customized cultural experiences
  • Access: Our Community Partners program works with 14 social service agencies to provide their clients with complimentary tickets to shows they’d like to see at the Center. 
  • Inclusivity: The Center works to ensure visitors with special needs and abilities feel welcome and can enjoy the programs. This includes assisted listening devices, accessible parking, wheelchair seating, and assistance for those with sensory needs (Link to accessibility page)
  • Well Being: We provide a range of free community events and programs on campus and in the community that promote health and wellness through the arts. 

Advocacy for the arts

We are deeply committed to being a collaborative advocacy leader for the arts — for the Center, its stakeholders, our Arts District neighborhood and for the entire arts community across Dallas and in Texas.

We support our Dallas arts community with a range of resources including marketing, low-cost ticketing, affordable tickets for artists, and more. And through our innovative incubator, the Elevator Project, we provide access to our stages for small and emerging arts organizations to help amplify their art and their frequently under-told stories.

And finally, we are deeply honored that the citizens of Dallas have trusted us to be stewards of the iconic cultural spaces that are the AT&T Performing Arts Center. Every day, we strive to operate and program them responsibly, maintain and care for them, and ensure they remain an economic driver, cultural destination, artistic incubator, and a source of pride for our great city.